Body Positivity 

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Having a positive attitude on how your body looks like is only part of a body positive mindset. 

Compromising the health of your body with chemicals, unhealthy food habits & lifestyle, stress and anxiety, reflects on a negative relationship with your body. This will be reflected in your health. 

Providing it with healthy and appropriate nourishment and care is the start of a healthy relationship with your body.

Your body is your gift that helps you enjoy your life on earth. The healthier and positive your relationship with it, the better it will serve you.                                                  

What is the PH of your skin products? 

Every part of our body has a pH value, which needs to be maintained at its optimal value for it to function properly. Our body has been built to overcome and manage the various fluctuations in this pH value that it processes on a daily basis.

However the more we abuse it, the effort needed would be more for it to bring it back to this equilibrium. Our human skin which is the largest organ has a acidic pH which is needed to help defend against bacterial and fungal infections. Other than the fact that health and dehydration plays on the health of our skin and hair, we also have to counter effect the role of environment, pollution and bombardment of chemicals via cosmetics and personal care products.

So it is very Important to know the pH value of the products you are using. Products that are overly acidic or alkaline should be avoided to help maintain this balance.

pH: It is the potential of hydrogen in a substance and determines the acidic or alkaline level of it. The value is generally measured between 1 to 14. Below 7 being acidic, 7 being neutral and above 7 alkaline.
The optimal pH value human skin is in the range of 5.5 pH.

If your skins pH is unbalanced, then it can cause your skin care to be less effective.

Is your food Alkaline or Acidic ?

What is the necessity to focus on alkaline levels in our body?.

An ideal diet should consist of  80% alkaline and 20% acidic food. However with lifestyle changes and the advent of fast food, processed food, aerated drinks, and availability of products all year round we have shifted from the natural way of selection of food as per season and climatic conditions. This has invariably effected our body makeup and it’s balance.
It is only when we bring back this balance in our body that we can keep at bay many of the lifestyle diseases effecting the majority of our population.

Knowing what we eat and drink and how it effects us is very important in keeping us healthy.

“The food  you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine you eat or the slowest form of poison”.         

                                                                                                        ~ Ann Wigmore.

Shades of Grey

In the face of adversities the general tendency is to either flee or fight or be perplexed into inaction. The one who flees has given up, the one who fights is ready to give it his all and the one perplexed is lost. All these situations are a reflection of ones experiences and tolerance levels. Rarely do we take the stance of the watcher, distant from the emotions that rage in times of adversity and draw away from the drama unfolding. Hopeless, anger and fear are emotions that makes man take drastic decisions in life and rarely has these got about any solution. It is only when we become the watcher of these trials and tribulations do we learn when to walk away, to fight or be silent. A stormy and turbulent ocean can never show its depths compared to a clear and calm lake. Life, people and situations are not clear as black and white, they are shades of grey and needs to be seen with love, compassion, give and take, and a grip on reality.

Respect and Trust

Respect and Trust are the building blocks for any relationship. Be it between romantic partners, parent and child, employer and employee or between friends.

Respect and Trust are two way streets that is earned by virtue of ones conduct and is not dependent on age, sex, creed, race or social standing. 

Human relationships are very delicate and you need to be aware of your behaviour in terms of thoughts, words and actions. If you ever find yourself at crossroads in any of your relationships, do a reality check on these two parameters and you would know the answer.


How much do you value yourself ?

Many of us are taught to put others before ourselves. While this seems considerate and well meaning, the problem starts when it becomes a habit. When everyone’s needs and wants are priority, and you come last. This continued behaviour brings about a feeling of being unworthy and undeserving. As those feelings are lodged within us, we continue the habit of putting ourselves last. This will not just be ingrained into us but subconsciously into the mind of others as well. The message you give out is the message you receive.

Everyone is responsible for themselves and so are you. Your feelings, wants and needs are equally important as the other. You have to make yourself a priority as much as the next person. There has to be a balance between giving and taking. Only if you fill yourself first, will you have anything to give anybody.

Are you secretly judgemental ?

Very few matters in life can be marked as right or wrong. What is right for one can be wrong for another. The faster we come out of this opinion that every one has to understand your point of view, the easier it will be to accept people as they are. 

The next time your upset with something or someone, look at it as an opportunity. Ask your self, why are you upset ?. Be honest to yourself and understand you feelings. Is this feeling coming from you or from your judgment on how people should be ?. This self study will help you to work on yourself and your relationship with the world. 


Parental Imprinting

It is well known that children inherit their traits by birth and the remaining by their surroundings.
Parents are filled with a sense of pride when their positive traits are picked up by their children. However parents do not realise that just as positive traits are picked up, children imprint themselves with certain negative traits of theirs as well. All this happens at a subconscious level and is not a matter of choice by the wards under their care.
A child growing up under a mother who is overtly concerned about her looks, will convey the same feeling of insecurity in the child. Similarly if she sacrifices all her dreams for the sake of the family and doesn’t look into her needs while doing so, could help imprint the same attitude inside her ward.
Fathers who have been chided for not being responsible and fullfilling the needs of his spouse will instill similar feeling of failure or fears in their wards.
These fears will be played out in various areas of their lives. As parents it’s very important that you work on various areas of your subconscious beliefs and fears, for it is what your child will inherit.
Take a look at your life, does any area of it need working on ?. It is only through awareness of ones subconscious beliefs and fears can one break away from the factors that limit your life in terms of health, money, relationships etc.

Self Respect

The relationship you share with yourself is reflected in the relationship you share with others. 

It is impossible to feel respected when you do not respect yourself.
When you allow yourself to be disrespected, shouted upon, or mistreated, it has more to do with what you think is acceptable behaviour towards you. It is you who has kept the bar on what you can be treated to. It is you who allows the mistreatment. 

The more you allow such behaviour, the more you will attract such behaviour. It is not desirable that you feel you should be respected when your words or actions are contradictory. You may not be always treated the way you wish to be treated or respected by the ones who are important to you. However it is you who descides what is acceptable to you and what is not. The standards you expect for yourself will only be reflected when your thoughts, words and actions are coherent.                                              

Declutter your life 

Very so often we go about giving our homes a thorough cleaning. The furniture polished​, the windows washed, the floors scrubbed and even a fresh coat of paint on the walls. The house is decluttered and feels energised and fresh to live in.

This concept was ingrained as a must do in most festivals. However the hidden meaning within this seems to have been lost on most of us.

De-cluttering your home is a tangible way to declutter your life.
The clutter in your mind is indicated in various tangible aspects of your lives such as how clean your home is, debts, unsatisfied jobs, stormy relationships, deteriorating health or dissatisfaction in any aspect of your life.
Do you find your self at the end of perpetual failures or fluctuating between highs and lows in all of these, or in any of these ?.

Abundance in all aspects is the natural state. What is that you have to declutter out of your life or mind so that it reflects abundance?.